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Swiftlet’s Farming is originated from Indonesia. It has more than a century of history in swiftlet’s farming and experience. They make a great effort in research and development on modifying buildings into cave-like conditions in order to lure swiftlet’s. Later, they innovate some new technology where swiftlet’s chirping sound are installed and played using audio systems in order to attract swiftlet’s into the buildings faster. Since then, swiftlet’s farming has become popular and growing gradually. To date, Indonesia is the world largest producer of edible bird’s nest by covering up to 80% of global market share.


Malaysia is still new in this industry compare with Indonesia. This industry started in Malaysia back in the 1990’s where forest fire occurred at Indonesia which has created a golden opportunity for Malaysia. The incident has led millions of swiftlet’s migrate to Malaysia. People’s in Malaysia start to notice the present of swiftlet’s mostly from the 5 foots way in front of the shop houses. Since then, people start to learn and venture into swiftlet’s farming.


The swiftlet’s farming industry in Malaysia only started to gather momentum after the Asian Economic Crisis of 1997-1998. South East Asia is the main region that swiftlet’s inhabit. The swiftlet’s farming industry in Malaysia has been growing by leaps and bounds over the years. Before 1998, there was an estimate of 900 plus swiftlet’s farms throughout the country. At present, there are nothing less than 60,000 units of swiftlet’s farms throughout the country.

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