1. Licensed Interest Scheme Approved By Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)


Interest scheme involves the pooling of a financial contribution from the public in exchange for an interest in a particular scheme. While the traditional means of business involve exchanging money with outright ownership of property or rights, by virtue of being dynamic, business continues to evolve. Thus, business creativity has created new classes of assets and this include “interest”, which connotes that a right obtained by the purchasing public may be temporary, fractional or not outright. There can be many forms of interest and only limited by the boundary of creative business minds.


Driven by the opportunity to get easy credit or funding from the public under the guise of innovative and clever business schemes, some irresponsible business operators actively offer interest to the public to achieve a bigger pool of financial contribution in unregulated environment. If left unchecked, there could be far reaching public implications. The Interest Schemes Act 2016 was introduced to address such potential problems by providing strong regulatory control and investor protection safeguards.


For the public intending to diversify their investment portfolios to meet their unique investment goals, interest scheme offers another option to the investing public by participating in a different asset class investment platform subject to careful consideration of the potential benefits against the risks involved.


For companies especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), depending on their business strategies, interest scheme offers them an alternative method of funding their business growth beyond the traditional financing options.



2. Appointment of Trustee-Malaysian Trustees Berhad


The Trustee shall exercise due care and vigilance in carrying out its functions and duties and ensure that the rights and interest of the Investors are protected.


Besides, the Trustee shall keep or cause to be kept proper books of account in relation to the funds in the Scheme’s Trust Account and of all disbursement thereof accordance to the trust deed.


To ensure that the interest for sale ISU for public subscription does not exceed the maximum number as approved by the Registrar and monitor the progress of the Scheme and report diligently to the Authorized Authority of any non-compliance of Trust Deed by the Management Company and the progress of the Scheme.


In addition, Trustee shall endorse any advertisement proposed by the Management Company before publishing or causing to be published and the Trustee has the right to summon a meeting of the investor where the Management Company should there be or has ceased to carry on business.



3. Guaranteed Buy Back, Tradable and Transferable, Redemption of ISU


YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme has a moratorium period where there is no obligation to buy back and not transferable in the 1st year from the date of Purchase of the Interest Scheme Unit.


After the moratorium period, investor may trade or transfer to any third party by submitting the transfer form to the Management Company shall be in writing and in the form and manner as the Management Company shall approve from time to time.


Investors may request the Management Company to purchase the ISU. The Management Company will buy back the ISU units from the Investors at a purchase price of Ringgit Malaysia Fifteen Thousand (RM15,000.00) only for the second year and third year. The forth (4th) year onwards until the Maturity Date the Management Company shall buy back the ISU units from the Investors at a purchase price of Ringgit Malaysia Twenty Thousand (RM20,000.00) only.


Best element of all, Management Company will redeem back all ISU at the end of Scheme Tenure.




4. The Management Company – YSC Agro Group Berhad


YSC Agro Group Berhad has been the country’s leading and supporter of Malaysia’s Swiftlet Farming Industry since its inception back in 2009. The Company incorporated in Malaysia on 15th April 2009 and has a paid-up capital of RM7.25 Million.


Previously, the Company has successfully created hundreds of swiftlet houses for the nesting and breeding of the consumable bird nests for own group of companies and others individual swiftlet farming investor. We are determined and well poised to generate a profitable and strategically sound investment plan to benefit the investor and we continue to do that by building on our expertise and experience in the industry.



5. Fully Operated Swiftlet Farm With Harvesting In Progress


The Management Company has conducted extensive research and experiment on the success rate of the swiftlet farming. YSC Swiftlet Farm established a successful record of 1 Unit Swiftlet’s House before Constructing additional 16 Units Swiftlet’s House.


YSC Swiftlet Farm is now fully operated with harvesting in progress. Hence, it will minimize the failure risk of the scheme. The probability of the scheme achievement will be attainable.



6. Motivation, Encouragement and Savings


For the youth, it’s an added security for your long-term goal upon retirement with these regular and steady returns. It is also an excellent and solid plan to have while you still can contribute towards now and prepare for the rainy day.


For the elderly, the scheme is a great start to secure the future of your children’s wellbeing such as cost of higher education funds or capitals for their plans needs when they grown up. It’s always good to do something for someone in our lifetime by giving the returns to our loved ones which is truly a meaningful way of telling them we care enough to care for them and their tomorrows.



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