Swiftlet Farming does need huge capital to start up. Investor generally own the property rather than renting because swiftlet farming is very much “the longer, the better” business investments plan. Successful Swiftlet Farming does need enormous knowledge, technical know-how, lots of time and effort, and the power of endurance.


Swiftlet Farming does have numerous unsuccessful stories, due to such matters and constraints, many investors dispel from investing into this industry by themselves. YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme enables investors having minimal capital to enjoy bigger return and benefits.


YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme have a Projection that each unit of the scheme will be able to earn *RM340,000 in 36 Years (Average 47% Annual Return Per Year!!).


Investor will benefits 2 types of returns from the scheme which are Fixed Interest Return and Swiftlet Farming Harvested Yield Return.


Fixed Interest Return is a Guaranteed Return in the form of Cash payment by way of cheques form or in such manner as shall be determined by the Management Company. This Fixed Interest Return of 6% will distribute annually after end of 1st year for 7 years. The Fixed Interest Return will be an attractive subject as this Guaranteed Return offered better returns than the fixed deposit rates offered by banks and et cetera.


Swiftlet Farming Harvested Yield Return starts to Distribute on Year 2019. Harvest from 22nd Feb 2017 to 31st December 2018 will be distributed before 31st May 2019. Subsequently, yearly sales 1st January to 31st December will be distributed on the following year before 31st May yearly. This Swiftlet Farming Harvested Yield Return will be payable until the Maturity Date 21st Feb 2053.


The projection of earning *RM340,000 in 36 Years (Average 47% Annual Return Per Year!!) has been considered and viewed as conservative and optimistic projection by a number of established independent consultant. What’s more, Investor will get back their Investment Cost (RM20,000) at the end of Scheme Tenure as all the ISU will be redeemed back by the Management Company.


*Disclaimer: We wish to point out that the projected return illustration is only intended to show the movements of possible cash flows for the investment and are not meant to show possible actual returns of the investment. Hence they are neither guaranteed nor based on past performance. The actual return may be below the projected rates or higher.


* YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme Brochure

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