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YSC Agro Group Berhad

YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme is an interest scheme approved by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and has appointed Malaysian Trustees Berhad as trustee to monitor the right and interest of holders.

YSC Swiftlet Farm located at Agro Matang (Taiping, Perak). The location is easily accessible via the main road to Kuala Sepetang. The surrounding area is mainly oil palm plantation which is one of the best environmental friendly and rich of food resources for swiftlet’s. It is determinate to be a potentially good location and encouraging elements towards swiftlet’s farming activities.

The Swiftlet Farm established a successful record of 1 Unit Detached Swiftlet’s House located in the Farm and constructed additional 16 Units Detached Swiftlet’s House on the farm which comes up to a total of 17 Units 4 Storey Detached Swiftlet’s House.

* YSC Swiftlet Farm Interest Scheme Brochure

YSC Agro Group Berhad